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Terms and conditions 


Bookings are non refundable.


Please note that your booking is for the time stated for the woodland. The rest of the grounds / farm are private.


Be aware that the ground is uneven in places and caution should be taken.

Cars left at your own risk.

The wearing of sensible and appropriate footwear to suit the ground and conditions is also advised. You will be using the woodland at your own risk and we accept no liability for injuries to dogs/owners or any damage to cars whilst using the facility. 


Important information 


  • Our appointments are designed so that there is no/minimal contact between anyone using the park. Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes before your session.

  • If you arrive and another client is still leaving/putting dog(s) into a car please show courtesy and safety by waiting in your car for them to leave as the client may need space to handle a reactive dog safely and calmly.

  • Please keep your dog(s) on lead until safely locked in the dog park and on lead before you exit.

  • No glass onsite.

  • Maximum of 2 cars per park.

  • Any children must be supervised at all times. ​

  • Dogs must not be attached to any structures or left unattended.

  • All dog mess must be picked up, we provide bags and a bin on site to ensure the park remains as clean as possible. We regularly check.​

  • Please do not allow your dog to dig around the fencing which will allow your dog or others to get out

Please help us maintain a happy and safe experience for all concerned.


The Terms and Conditions are set out to protect dog Owner’s and their dogs and so everyone can have a safe and enjoyable visit to The Dog Park without worrying about your dogs getting hurt, stolen, lost, fighting or coming to any harm with other dogs, etc. 


NOTE: if any of our Terms and Conditions are broken you may be asked to leave The Dog Park immediately with NO refund and barred from future visits to The Dog Park

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