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K9 Woods



Welcome to our page! Just to let you know that we are a new start-up business, dog lovers one and all, we are really grateful for your business. Our mission is to take the concept of a traditional grass field dog park to a whole new level. Instead of a simple open space we hope to offer an immersive experience surrounded by the wonders of nature.

We offer two 6ft fenced secure woodland areas, perfect for dogs to explore off lead. Each pen is approx half an acre in size. You may feel like you have suddenly entered into the middle of the New Forest, but no …..we are literally a few minutes from West Parley traffic lights, although you would never know it!

The pens have 6 foot high secure fencing which is high enough to ensure large dogs can’t jump over it and small dogs can’t squeeze through, once inside just bolt the gate behind you and it is all yours.

Only one booking is possible per time slot, so you have the use of the half an acre pen entirely to yourselves.

The secure dog park areas are suitable for a walk, dog training, and general recall training.

For the comfort of all of our users and their dogs we have included a bench, water and bowls, dog waste bags and bin. Oh, and a bush-craft shelter. Please don’t laugh, it’s both authentic and suits the natural surroundings!

We welcome all dog owners and professional dog walkers. Our aim is to provide an environment that humans enjoy so much too that they wish to return daily. Please do not hesitate to give us a call on 07734492774. We are here to help.

Any photos showing your dog enjoying their visit would be appreciated.

Opening Hours

Daily 6am - 8:30pm



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